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Increase Multi-User Performance
Get QuickBooks® to Load Faster

Depending on how complex your data is, your QuickBooks® files may take a while to load each time you open the program. That is because QuickBooks® automatically opens every window that was used in your previous session. But, there is a simple fix to change the default settings and get the software to load quicker.
First, log into QuickBooks® and select the “User Desktop View Preferences.” Once there, choose the button, “Don’t save the desktop.” This clears any windows that were open during your last session and saves precious time when loading the program in the future. You must repeat this process for each user, logging onto QuickBooks® with each individual user name and password.

Save Time using QuickBooks®
Take Full Advantage of the Find Feature

One of the most powerful, yet often unused features is the find feature. Don’t waste precious time clicking “previous” to find the transactions you need. Instead, use this highly effective find feature to save a great amount of time when searching for invoices, sales receipts and sales orders. The find feature can run exceptionally fast, helping you efficiently locate what you need. Open the “find” feature quickly with the keyboard command CTRL+F, and start searching.

Add/Edit Multiple List Entries Simplifies Record Changes
Data entry and modifications in QuickBooks can be tedious. Beginning with QuickBooks 2010 Pro Edition and above, that job got a lot easier. The Add/Edit Multiple List Entries tool does just what its name implies: It lets you add entries to your lists of customers, vendors, services, inventory parts, and non-inventory parts. It also makes changing one or several of them quick and easy.
Using this feature, you can:
See customized views of your list data
Enter missing information
Create new entries from duplicates of existing ones
Do a mass change of a whole column
Copy and paste records from Excel

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